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Customer Success

Tuality Health Alliance

This physician-hospital community organization (PHCO) that includes approximately 80 primary-care physicians and 200 specialists was eager to uncover new ways to automate the various manual processes Tuality currently had in place, as well as contain costs so as to remain competitive and strengthening its provider relationships.

St. Joseph’s Medical Resources

This healthcare organization was struggling to review the claims for its 80,000 patients using an outdated, manual process. By enhancing their claims process, St. Joseph’s Medical Resources realized considerable cost savings by catching erroneous claims.

Physicians Integrated Medical Group

A fast-growing independent practice association in California wanted to cut down on medical billing expenses, particularly with regards to claims that did not match the level of care provided to patients. Their new software successfully flags unclean claims as soon as they come through the system, saving the organization time and money.