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Virtual Reporter®

Our workflow management application

Virtual Reporter® serves as the user interface for the Virtual Examiner® fraud and abuse prevention software, and automatically updates claims on the host system without users having to run reports. The module improves workflow efficiency by allowing multiple users to simultaneously write and run reports, in addition to the ability to customize specific account views based on user criteria. The ability to customize views – such as by line of business or client – is designed to serve the needs of healthcare payer organization auditors who are responsible for the claims of multiple clients.

More efficiently detect fraud and abuse

The reporting and workflow management module is designed to improve efficiency and flexibility when detecting fraudulent, abusive and wasteful billing practices. Virtual Reporter® has also been designed to improve customer service by automatically notifying PCG Software of any system errors. This error-notification feature will enable the vendor company to address issues before they are apparent to the customer. Virtual Reporter® also seamlessly integrates with SymKey® Virtual Auto-Post, the company’s auto-adjudication system.