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SymKey® Virtual Auto-Post

Auto-Adjudication System Integrates with Virtual Examiner®

SymKey® Virtual Auto-Post is a jointly developed solution between PCG Software and HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM). The auto-adjudication system was developed for healthcare payor organizations, and seamlessly integrates with PCG Software’s flagship solution, Virtual Examiner®.

Speed the claims review process

The addition of SymKey® Virtual Auto-Post to Virtual Examiner® further automates the claims process by automatically posting claim results to the system. Now, no one in the billing department needs to manually touch the claim, slowing down the process. In addition, administrators no longer need to physically track or manage items such as retro-rate reconciliation, multi-level fee schedules, eligibility review, and co-pay / co-insurance correction.

Comply with Today’s Standards

SymKey® Virtual Auto-Post and its internal algorithms were developed using commercially available coding rules, the latest clinical guidelines and the expertise of clinicians, claims examiners and contract negotiators. Its platform affords flexibility to comply with frequent business and legislative changes.

Incorporate Seamlessly

Installation of SymKey® Virtual Auto-Post to the Virtual Examiner® software can be accomplished in one to two hours, and fully integrates into existing systems. The software runs seamlessly on Windows formats and uses a SQL interface so users do not have to change their data input procedures from other claims-related software.

For more information, please contact HCIM Sales at sales@hcim.com or 888-454-0202.

SymKey® is a registered trademark owned by HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM). Virtual Auto-Post™ is a trademark owned by HCIM.