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Claims Audit Tool

Improve Claims Billing, Processing, and Payment Accuracy.

The Claims Audit Tool (CAT) is designed to be used in the Claims Audit departments of organizations paying healthcare claims. CAT streamlines the claims audit workflow and reporting process.  With a user-friendly frontend and powerful relational database backend, clients use CAT to facilitate pre- and post-payment claims audits.

Enhance Productivity and Identify Errors More Efficiently

CAT greatly enhances the productivity and effectiveness of claims audit units, facilitates and automates error identification, and helps to create a robust audit process that can save an organization millions of dollars each year.

Incorporate Seamlessly

Installation of CAT to the Virtual Examiner® (VE) software can be accomplished in one to two hours, and fully integrates into existing systems. The software runs seamlessly on Windows formats and uses a SQL interface so users do not have to change their data input procedures from other claims-related software.  

Interfacing CAT with VE provides clients a great opportunity to generate further savings from VE.  CAT provides a one-stop shopping for tracking all audit activity so it’s easy to see savings from both VE and non-VE related audit activity.” – Chuck Nefkens, L5 Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 

For more information on the Claims Audit Tool, please contact Laurie Kirkland at 
lkirkland@hcim.com or 888-454-0202.

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