PCG Software, Inc is an American company devoted to strengthening the American workforce and upholding our commitment to never using internationally outsourced labor. All of our products are designed and engineered in the United States.

Product Offerings

Healthcare payer and provider organizations have traditionally been forced to manage claims and administrative operations using manual or outdated systems because of the high price tag and exorbitant lease fees usually associated with effective software. Add to that, the challenge of unrelenting competition that pushes organizations to make accurate assessments more rapidly than in years past.

Since 1984, PCG Software has worked to deliver software solutions that have helped clients realize drastically increased savings compared to those achieved using traditional methods or competitive offerings.

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Coding and billing tool for providers built on the same claims intelligence of the Virtual Examiner® claims review engine

Virtual Examiner®

Protect healthcare dollars from fraudulent and abusive billings 

Virtual AuthTech®

Assure proper diagnosis and procedure coding for interactive authorization and claims 

Virtual Credentialer

Manage and trend physician credentials, and track documents, office demographics and assessments 

Virtual Reporter®

Efficiently detect fraud and abuse using our workflow management application 

SymKey® Virtual Auto-Post

Speed the healthcare claims review process

SymKey® is a registered trademark owned by HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM). Virtual Auto-Post is a trademark owned by HCIM.

Claims Audit Tool

Streamline the claims audit workflow and reporting process

Claims Audit Tool™ was developed by L5 Healthcare Solutions. HCIM is a reseller of Claims Audit Tool.