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Pennsylvania Physician Partners with Pagan's Motorcycle Gang

The following information appeared on June 29, 2017 on Justice.gov

Dr. William J. O’Brien was convicted of multiple charges related to the pill mill that he was running out of his offices in Levittown, PA, Philadelphia, and other towns in northeast Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Between early 2012 and early 2015, O’Brien and his associates took in roughly $5 million.

The indictment says they sold nearly 400,000 oxycodone pills of various sizes and more than 160,000 methadone pills. More than $20,000.00 in cash was coming in through the practices each week. The motorcycle gang recruited “patients” who paid $200.00 to $250.00 for a prescription, or Dr. O’Brien exchanged sexual favors for opioids. Dr. O’Brien was sentenced to 30 years in prison and fined $5.3 million as the pill mill lead to a death from the illegal drug distribution. Eight other defendants, including Dr. O’Brien’s ex-wife, were also found guilty and sentenced to a combined 49 years and 10 months in prison.

What is truly amazing is that the doctor and the Pagan motorcycle gang distributed more than 700,000 pills before anyone caught on. Something is wrong when these numbers do not raise a red flag sooner or the fact that 249 million prescriptions for opioids were written in 2013; enough for a bottle of pills for every American adult.

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