PCG Software, Inc is an American company devoted to strengthening the American workforce and upholding our commitment to never using internationally outsourced labor. All of our products are designed and engineered in the United States.

Affiliated Solutions

A crucial component of designing cost-effective solutions for healthcare payer and provider organizations is the ability to seamlessly integrate with the functionality and capabilities of third-party software packages. PCG Software is committed to building strong affiliations with companies who share the same mission of reducing the cost of healthcare.

    • BitInc Systems
    • BitInc Systems delivers superior software solutions and services to improve operational efficiency. Our software has been serving the medical industry since 1986. We have a collection of interface products for management of electronic healthcare claims.

      • Claims Workbench™ – Permanent, searchable copy of all electronic claims; customizable workflow
      • Claims-2-eLoad™ – Read multiple claim formats; convert and validate for your system
      • Claims-2-Payer™ – Extract claim data; produce 835 or 837 files


      Our interface products are powered by our DaFoDiL™ data format description language allowing for customized processing for each client.

    • HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM) delivers technology solutions and consulting to the managed care payer industry. HCIM’s Software Solutions seamlessly integrate with the industry’s leading core claims transaction systems to increase auto-adjudication, speed turnaround times, and minimize errors:

      SymKey® – process claims 6-8x faster using artificial intelligence to automate workflow decisions

      Virtual Auto-Post – auto-post Virtual Examiner®/Reporter® claim edits

      Claims Audit Tool™ – streamline and automate pre and post payment audit workflow and reporting

      HCIM’s Professional Consulting Services include system implementation and configuration, historical data conversions, operational assessments, business process reengineering/analysis, staff augmentation, training, project management, benefit plan administration, and regulatory compliance. HCIM’s Strategic Consulting Practice is designed to help payers navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare marketplace and strategically forge a path to sustained growth through creatively applied technology, process improvement, and innovative problem solving.

      SymKey® is a registered trademark owned by HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM). Virtual Auto-Post™ is a trademark owned by HCIM.

    • HMO Affiliates uses custom software to electronically detect pharmacy charge overpayments. When it finds these overpayments, it then contacts the pharmacy or PBM and recovers the money. It will also consult on pharmacy contracts to maximize profits by optimizing contract provisions.

      • Post-payment pharmacy recoveries
      • Pharmacy contract consulting
    • L5 Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (L5) is a consulting firm founded in 2007 to provide business tools, analytical and consulting services to healthcare organizations. L5 has two core database applications that it offers to clients in addition to providing custom database application development and implementation services.  These core applications include Claims Audit Tool™  and Claims Recovery Tool. The applications have a base of clients that represent some of the largest healthcare payer and provider organizations in the country. 

      HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM)is a reseller of Claims Audit Tool